Increasing Preparedness to Face the Eruption of Mount Agung Bali Through Collaboration with Unud, UGM, and MFRI

Mount Agung in Bali, with a history of significant eruptions, continues to pose the threat of catastrophic eruptions for local communities. To increase preparedness and reduce disaster risk, the Mount Fuji Research Institute (MFRI) together with the Faculty of Tourism (F-Par) and the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University (Unud), as well as the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM, held a joint workshop.

This workshop was held at the Lereng Agung Restaurant on February 3 2024 and was attended by 70 participants and resource persons from various regions, including BPBD representatives from areas that have active volcanoes such as Mount Sinabung, Mount Marapi, Mount Kelud, Mount Merapi, and also BPBD from Japan, Fujiyoshida. The main aim of this workshop is to increase community preparedness in facing potential volcanic eruptions.

As part of the Astungkara Giri Agung Aman (AGAA) Project, this activity is a concrete effort to build a disaster-resilient community around Mount Agung. In addition, this project is supported by the Japanese Government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which has provided funds for volcanic eruption disaster training for students and teachers in several villages around Mount Agung.

A number of activities have been carried out in this project, including workshops at the Besakih construction office, training at MFRI Yamanashi, Japan, and also training for elementary school principals in Kubu District. AGAA together with FPRB Bali will also establish two elementary schools as models in building disaster awareness by forming a Disaster Safe Education Unit (SPAD) on Lereng Agung.

Discussions at the workshop also highlighted the need to strengthen the FPRB network in the future. One important aspect is the joint commitment from various parties, including budget support from the government to ensure the continuity of the FPRB. A concrete example from the East Java BPBD shows how important financial support from the government is in terms of disaster preparedness preparations.

Chairman of FPRB Bali, Suta Wijata, emphasized that attention from all parties is very important in facing the threat of disaster. "We need support from various sectors, not only in terms of funding, but also in efforts to increase awareness of the importance of disaster mitigation," he said.